Last night I woke up in the middle of the night. Couldn’t sleep. Then after about 5 minutes of that I went into a full on panic attack. Wowzers.
I haven’t had any axiety in over a week and then all of a sudden…
It’s making me realize that as much as I do to help control my anxiety, it still is sometimes out of my control. Because if I am dead asleep, then wake up, then BAM, obviously something is going on up in my brain.

I think my anxiety is coming back because I know school is starting in less than a week. Though I have nothing truly to worry about right at this moment I am living in fear of what’s to come. Fear of the stress, studying, things I need to accomplish this semester etc. So cue my anxiety.

Right now I am scared. I am scared of how this semester is going to be. I am scared that I am going to have break down after break down. I hope I have the strength.

Next thing:
Self-care. I am a huge believer in it, and preach it to my clients. I think for the most part I am good about self-care, but I need to get back in tune with my body. Lately, I have been sleeping like shit, have gotten numerous stomachaches and just generally feel less alive. I think I need to go back to my nightly relaxation cd, turn off the episode I am watching and read, drink some tea, or whatever. My task for the upcoming days before school starts is to really listen to my body and make some changes. Because somethings gotta give.